Music Together® Sing Shalom

Music Together Sing Shalom is a program developed in collaboration between The Jewish Education Project and local Music Together centers in NYC and Long Island. The weekly parent-child music classes are uniquely designed for Jewish families with young children using the internationally recognized Music Together early childhood music education program, enriched with songs from throughout the Jewish world. Each week, a community of families comes together to sing, dance, and play along in a class led by a trained Music Together teacher. The music includes multicultural traditional and original Music Together songs, supplemented with Jewish repertoire. You’ll learn lots of ways to interact musically with your child, supporting their development, strengthening family relationships, and helping them connect with the Jewish music tradition. And best of all, it’s fun for everyone! For families with children 0-5; siblings may attend together and infant siblings under 9 months attend free. In addition to everything you receive in our Family Membership Plan, tuition for Music Together Sing Shalom also includes a CD of (or digital access to) the additional Jewish music, as well as digital and printed resources. 

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