From Your Porch Jam Sessions

What's a "From Your Porch" Jam Session? Exactly what it sounds like!: We jam...from your front porch, while maintaining social distancing guidelines! Choose a favorite Music Together® song, we’ll show up near your front porch/curbside and JAM for 15-20 the Music Together-style you know and love! If you don't know any Music Together songs or can't narrow down a favorite, don't worry, we have plenty of songs in our back pockets that will get your toes tapping and your family jamming!   

Some things to note: 

  • While social distancing guidelines are in effect, there is zero contact between our teacher and your family. 
  • All visits occur outside your home. We can make music on your porch or your driveway, etc, maintaining a 6-ft distance, but we cannot visit inside. (Apartment dwellers...we can figure something out!)
  • At this time we only book one family per time slot. 
  • The teacher will bring instruments for her own use. Please bring your own instruments for your use - something to shake or click or drum is always a good start. (Egg shakers and scarves will be available for purchase, if you don't have your own.)
  • If your child comes toward us during the jam session...not to worry! We will stand up and back up, giving you time and space to scoop 'em up. However, we have found that they're more in awe that we're there than curious about our ukulele!
  • Choose a day and 3-hour time frame (yup...just like the cable company). Once we have locations of all the families within that time frame, we can work together to get to each person's home with the smartest driving pattern. 
  • We'll be in touch the day before your Jam Session to narrow down your time and get your song choice. 

Please call our office to schedule your porch session! 

Questions or need assistance? Give us a call at (516)946-7374 or contact us online.